It’s the Season for Reflection

You don’t know who I am, you don’t know what I do. You keep staring at me as if I should know you. Are you judging me? Or do you just care? What does it mean, this cold meaning stare? Does your stare mean there is something I must do? Or are you the person that hasn’t a clue. Before you see me, gaze upon you, cause the anger that’s felt a mirror reveals true.

A younger Chris Wilson, wrote this many years ago as a result of the frustration of judgment from others. Tired of the judgment of our socioeconomic status, family make-up and even for non-conformity.

In this season of reflection, I am going to ask you to consider a resolution that can assist with the most basic of human gestures, yet is often almost impossible to achieve. Don’t be quick to judge others. Seems simple right? We know it’s not though. Do you judge the person who just asked you for change? How about the person who waved hello that you don’t even know? The person with a parrot on their shoulder or the person who talked about Marvel Comics for twenty minutes? We are often quick to judge. Sometimes we do it in our thoughts, sometimes with our friends, or sometimes directly. This one simple thought often seems harmless. It isn’t. These judgments are often the beginning of something much larger for you, those around you and the person you judge.

What if we didn’t have this immediate reaction of judgment? What if we could give it just a minute longer to get an impression? Aren’t most good decisions given some time and thought? It has often occurred to me that although we possess five senses, we rarely use them in combination. Using our sight or hearing alone can often lead to misrepresentation. The clothes I have on, the hairstyle I possess, or even the way I walk, says something to many upon first encounter. Yet, almost assuredly, we would not want anyone to do that to us.

Our world is struggling as a result of unfair judgment. Judgment of others often leads to bias, fear, and misunderstanding and ultimately, hate. Now more than ever we need love above hate. This year, in 2019, I am resolving again to stand against hate, to not unjustly judge others and continue to work toward celebrating our differences. To do this, we have to know where hate begins. Let one’s whole character speak to who they are. The spread of hate can not be easily spread if unfair judgment is not part of the equation. To fight hate and unfair judgment we must let love for one another be the driver of impressions.

Before you see me, gaze upon you, cause the anger that’s felt a mirror reveals true.


One thought on “It’s the Season for Reflection

  1. So true Chris though hard to control sometimes. My daughter calls me out on it quite often and makes me think about why I just said that.


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